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We offer lessons from a variety of seasoned teachers.  Lessons are offered daily during operating hours.  Please contact us if you are interested in lessons 303-484-1271.  We offer weekly and monthly lesson rates.

Electric Guitar
     Acoustic Guitar

     Bob Story:

30 years as a guitar teacher and playing professionally for 40 allows me many ways to connect with students young and old!

While sharing insights into how the guitar can sing and growl I love seeing the lights go on in a students eyes.

As a songwriter and producer I create music with people from all over the world and believe music is the one universal language.

I teach ukulele, bass, lap steel, slide guitar, open tunings, finger style, chart reading and reharmonization of popular songs.

     Tom Carleno:

Tom Carleno is a highly qualified guitar instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience. He teaches beginner to professional level on acoustic and electric and contemporary styles such as rock, jazz, blues, and fingerstyle. Several of Tom’s students have continued on to professional music careers.

Tom's teaching philosophy stresses a solid base of guitar fundamentals emphasizing ease, relaxation, and technique. The ability to read music as well as play by ear are both important skills that he teaches. His adaptability and expertise allows him to tailor the lessons to fit his students needs and interests. He believes an easy going, fun approach makes for a better learning environment. 

Tom composes and performs with Perpetual Motion, a Jazz/World/New Age ensemble, and the progressive Americana band, The Coyote Poets Of The Universe, both of which have received stellar reviews and worldwide airplay for their recordings. His solo album, entitled “Perfect Imperfection”, also garnered international acclaim with reviews, radio play and winning ‘Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic’ at the 2014 Zone Music Reporter Awards in New Orleans.