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Rattlesnake Cable Company is based out of beautiful Missoula, Montana.  

Each cable is assembled and tested and are made "to order". Each cable is play tested after assembly. They're not simply tested through a cable tester for continuity, but played to determine if the tone is 100% there.

Some cables begin to bleed off the high end and signal, especially with longer runs.  The cable itself becomes a capacitor, and to address this, we have our Oxygen Free Bare Copper (OFBC) low capacitance cable manufactured here in the United States to preserve that high end. 

The cables have a strong heavy braided shielding with 95% coverage.  

The Neutrik plugs are great quality and their cable clamp system adds more protection for the cables by securing the solder connections

A great cable for any musician who considers TONE to be an essential part of their sound.

Rattlesnake Cables has graciously offered their shirts at a great price.  We will be selling shirts for $15 and all of the proceeds will be donated to Second Wind charity.


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Rattlesnake 10' Cable-Mixed Plugs


Rattlesnake 10' Cable-Straight Ends


Rattlesnake 15' Cable-Mixed Plugs


Rattlesnake 15' Cable-Straight Plugs


Rattlesnake 20' Cable-Mixed Plugs


Rattlesnake 20' Cable-Straight Plugs


Rattlesnake 6" Patch Cable


Rattlesnake Cable Company T-Shirts-Black


Rattlesnake Speaker Cable 3'