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Rattlesnake 20' Cable-Mixed Plugs

Manufacturer #:DC-20-ST-DT-M-NN, DC-20-ST-CP-M-NN, DC-20-ST-BK-M-NN
Sku:856861, 872558, 889163

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Rattlesnake 20' Cable-Mixed Plugs
Rattlesnake 20' Cable-Mixed Plugs

"Snake Head" as we like to call them is a cable with the heat and abrasion resistant sleeving stopping short on one end. This leaves a portion of raw cable perfect for wrapping around guitar straps. Snake Head Cables come in 10', 15' and 20' lengths. Each cable can have straight, right angle or a mix of Neutrik Nickel plugs (Neutrik Golds are also available). Colors include black, dirty tweed, and copper.


  • Conductor/Shield 99.95% OFBC
  • Capacitance at 20-25pF/ft.
  • Braided copper shield (95% coverage)
  • 20AWG conductor
  • Cable milled in the United States
  • Cable hand assembled in Missoula, Montana
  • Length 20 feet
  • Straight and right angle plugs