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Rattlesnake Pedal Label Pack

Rattlesnake Pedal Label Pack

Pedal Labels are a great system for marking your pedal knob settings! Why do you need to mark settings? Here are some great applications / arguments.

  1. Can't I just memorize my settings? If you're like us, you only have so much harddrive space in the brain. It would be nice to not have to memorize and just easily check those settings.
  2. Couldn't you just take a photo of your board and reference that? Yeah, but now, I have to pull out the phone, find the pic and compare. When all I need to do is lay out the board and double check knobs, without having to do anything.
  3. My knobs don't move, so why do I need to mark settings? If you're on tour and packing/unpacking the board, or accidentally drag your cable across your knobs, things can move. Ever been on stage playing and know something is not-quite-right with your tone? But you're in the moment, and not sure what is wrong. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly compare settings to the labels to potentially eliminate a portion of the problem?
  4. Why should I buy Pedal Labels? Can't I just use tape? Keep reading below, we talk about the problem with tapes and labels.

    Each Pedal Label Pack will include 4 sheets of labels. Each label sheet will include the following:

    3x 3 knob group
    3x 4 knob group
    11x single knob label
    3x single knob / dual setting label
    9x color dots for toggle switches, sliders, etc
    5x triangle pointer labels for toggle, knobs, sliders, etc


  • 3 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 3 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
  • 4 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 4 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
  • Single Knob Label - Can be used for any situation where a knob is used. Could be paired or stacked on other labels!
  • Single Knob / Dual Settings - These are great with knobs that are stacked or paired. For example Boss CE-5 has a 'filter' knob with dual pots stacked.
  • Color Dots Labels - great to identify toggle switch placement (up / down / middle) or to use to mark placement on sliders (ie: EQ pecals)
  • Triangle Pointer Labels - Similar to Color Dots, but as a triangle and only white. Great to point on knob placement or slider position.

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