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1505 W 1st Ave, STE A. Broomfield, CO 80020
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Bobby Blair started the Rolling Pedalboard Company in Boulder CO in 2022.

His idea for a rolling pedalboard started years earlier.
 It all began when his pedalboard grew to a very heavy weight.
Getting his gear in and out of his apt became a real hassle.
He started using bulky hand trucks witch took up more room in the car.
 The heavy gear was also doing a number on his carpel-tunnel before the gigs.
Removing the Pedalboard from the case on stage was also a hassle and time consuming.
This is also why the rolling Pedalboard was designed with the option to either stay in the case during performance or remove it to show off your Stage 1 pedalboard . 
Bobby then was awarded the Proper Patents for The Rolling Pedalboard.

After researching on how to make a Rolling Case,
Bobby bought a sewing machine and set out to make the first prototypes.
His Boulder apt became a make shift sweat shop!
The Rolling Pedalboard was born!
The Stage 1 22" Aluminum Pedalboard Specifically designed to fit into the Rolling Case 22, was next.
After testing and R&D this amazing Pedalboard was designed.
The combination of the 2 became the worlds first Advanced Rolling Pedalboard System. 

Today the Rolling Pedalboards are produced in a factory with High quality Materials.

We are committed to continuing to achieve advancements in pedalboard technology and making gigging easier for us and our customers.

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Rolling Pedalboards Rolling Case with Stage 1- 22" Pedalboard



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1505 W 1st Ave, STE A
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