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Isle of Skye Guitars

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My guitars are built after well-established designs and builders such as C.F. Martin, Bruno and Santos Hernandez, with some modern improvements. 

All my guitars share some characteristics:
They are built with bolt-on necks in place of the traditional dovetail. This method has several advantages: primarily ease of construction and the simplicity of neck reset.

Neck rods are 2-way adjustable, accessible through the sound hole and adjustable without removing tension from the strings.

Necks are of Honduran mahogany.  

All my instruments are finished with French polish. Though laborious, this finish is beautiful, acoustically almost transparent, and infinitely repairable.

All six-strings have ebony fingerboards and bridges and maple bridge plates. I build classical guitars with ebony fingerboards and rosewood bridges.

My guitars, with the exception of classical and 12-string, are all built with scalloped bracing. Classicals are braced appropriately for their use, and 12-strings are built with slightly heavier tapered bracing.

—Dan McCrimmon, Luthier


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