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McPherson Guitars started in 1979 as a quest to achieve a better sounding acoustic guitar.  Matt McPherson and his father, Mander McPherson, felt that acoustics were lacking in tone, projection and resonance and decided to explore building a new guitar to achieve that end.

Rather than follow the designs of the past, Matt and Mander re-examined every portion of the guitar.  They found that placing a guitar’s soundhole in the center of the soundboard eliminates a vital area for vibration and resonance.  To solve this problem, they proceeded to make an acoustic guitar with three soundholes: two at the edges of the waist and one near the tail block.   Moving the soundholes to the edge of the top allowed a larger central portion of the soundboard to vibrate, producing better resonance and sustain. This “three-hole” design was produced in Japan in the early 80’s retailing between $500 and $800.

In 1995, Matt McPherson felt that there was still more opportunity to improve, so he began completely redesigning the McPherson Guitar.  Experimenting with different soundhole locations and bracing patterns led to several technological breakthroughs, including:  

  • Non-Adjustable Truss Rod made of high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber and triangulated heel design, which stabilizes the neck and eliminates the need for adjustment. The stiffness and weight of the neck help deliver energy to the bridge of the guitar, resulting in increased vibration of the soundboard.
  • Cantilevered Neck design elevates the fretboard above the top, allowing the soundboard to resonate to its fullest potential.
  • Overpass-Underpass bracing uses laminated tone woods to achieve a better transfer of energy and sound.
  • Offset Soundhole Technology allows vibrations from the bridge to travel directly across a longer unencumbered soundboard, increasing sustain and resonance.

Since 2001, McPherson Guitars has focused on incorporating these revolutionary designs, along with some of the industry’s highest quality standards, from its workshop in Sparta, WI, USA. 

In 2014, McPherson set out to produce the best sounding carbon fiber acoustics possible.  Built with the same design principles as the wood guitars, McPherson carbon fiber guitars are made from materials that are unaffected by normal climate shifts that often affect wood guitars. Fully refined over the years, these carbon fiber guitars have achieved the pinnacle of tone and playability from a non-wood acoustic.

The McPherson name has come to stand for excellence, integrity, and character.

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McPherson Touring-Carbon Fiber-Honeycomb-Satin Pearl

$2,799.00 $2,999.00


McPherson MG-Custom Sales Order 7730



McPherson Sable Blackout-Carbon Fiber-Honeycomb



2020 McPherson MG-4.5 Custom-Redwood/Madagascar Rosewood



McPherson Sable Blackout-Carbon Fiber-Camo Weave



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