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Marshall Amplifiers

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Marshall AS50D, 50W 2x8 Stereo Acoustic Combo


Marshall CODE50, 50W 1x12" digital combo


Marshall DSL20CR, 20W combo w reverb FX loop


Marshall DSL40CR, 40W combo w reverb and FX loop


Marshall MG15, 15W 1x8 Combo


Marshall MG15GR, 15W 1x8 Combo w/Reverb


Marshall MG30GFX, 30W 1x10 combo in gold w/FX


Marshall Micro Amp Classic MS-2C


Marshall Micro Amp Classic MS-2R Red


Marshall MX112R-U, 80W 1x12 , 16 ohm Speaker Cabinet


Marshall Origin20C, 20W combo w FX loop and Boost

$499.99 $890.00

Marshall Origin50C, 50W combo w FX loop and Boost

$749.99 $1,100.00

Marshall Origin5C, 5W combo w FX loop and Boost - copy

$399.99 $630.00