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ValveTrain Lexington Reverb Combo 1X10"

ValveTrain Lexington Combo 1X10"

American Made 7 Watt Vintage Voiced Tube Amp

The Lexington combo boasts a hand wired point to point eyelet board that delivers a blistering 7 watts RMS of late 50’s  voiced tone.  The Lexington combo sends this vintage tone through an Eminence Ramrod 10″ speaker.

Additional features include a high/low power switch to bring the output down to 2 watts and a RAW switch that increases gain and high frequency response.

Inspired by the simplicity of the tweed amp designs of the late 1950’s, the amp features a 12AX7 dual-triode preamp tube driving the signal into a 6L6GC power tube. The controls are Volume and Tone.  Solid state rectification makes for a very responsive and touch sensitive amp with tight response in the lower registers.

The Lexington delivers a varied tonal spectrum from shimmering cleans through vintage crunch. A quick flick of the guitar volume knob controls the full range of the Lexington tweed inspired voicing.  Add switchable power levels and the RAW switch and you’ve got a great low wattage amp.

Great for home, studio or small venues. Put a microphone in front of it and the Lexington will fill the largest of venues.


  • Hand Wired Point to Point Eyelet Board
  • Volume and Tone Controls
  • RAW Switch
  • High(7W)/Low(2W) Power Switch
  • Cathode Bias Power Amp
  • Vintage Style Chicken Head knobs
  • American Made High Grade Aluminum Chassis
  • American Made ClassicTone Transformers
  • American Made Cabinet
  • Black Strap Handle
  • Rubber Feet

  • Power
    • 7 Watts – Class A
    • Switchable to 2 Watts
  • Tubes
    • 12AX7 Dual-Triode (preamp)
    • 6L6GC (power)
  • Rectifier
    • Solid State
  • Size
    • 16x10x20 (LxDxH) – Combo
  • Weight
    • 25 lbs – Combo 
  • Speaker
    • Eminence Ramrod 10″
  • Speaker Jacks
    • 2×4 ohm, 1×8 ohm

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