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 Robert Keeley started his company from his home in Oklahoma City  in 2001. He initially hoped to build guitar amps but found the market "highly saturated and becoming more so every day".Instead, while teaching at a small technical college and employing "some of his best students", he rebuilt and modified old effects units, starting with a Ross compressor. The industry for makers of hand-built effects at the time had few major players and his business soon took off, aided by a reputation for quality and customers such as Brad Paisley. Rebuilt versions of the Ibanez TS9 were used by PeterFrampton and, Jo Herrington.  Keeley said he got his ideas for improving and tweaking existing effect pedals by reading commentary on various forums for guitar players. Since then, he develops his own pedals, starting with a boost pedal; his most popular effect is a compressor.  Other notable Keeley artists inlcude; Bob Wier, Eric Johnson and Dweezil Zappa. 


I started in electronics in 1989 and have never wondered about doing anything else.  I encourage anyone and everyone to become an engineer.  I think it’s the greatest job you could ever have.

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Keeley Electronics Caverns Delay/Reverb V2


Keeley Electronics CompPlus Compressor Pedal


Keeley Electronics D&M Drive Pedal


Keeley Electronics Darkside Workstation Pedal


Keeley Electronics DDR-Drive Delay Reverb Pedal


Keeley Electronics EH Verb-O-Trem Pedal


Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender Pedal