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Locally manufactured effects by Zaim Audio.  Mark Zaim has created some great effects pedals that are designed with high quality parts and clean design. 

From Mark: "Using my experience as a musician of 32 years and an electrical engineer for 16 years at some top audio companies, I have designed a line of products that are built to last and provide superior performance. I was never truly satisfied with the pedals I was buying so decided to build some that satisfy my outrageously tone obsessed demands! The highest quality components are used throughout which provide superior clarity, more accurate response, lower background noise and more “tube-like overdrive”…….well except for the Fuzz of course. All pedals have an ultra-durable powder coated chassis for sustaining lots of stomping abuse! All feature true bypass switching so will be transparent when not turned on and they have the ability to run on AC or DC external power supplies. Also protection against RF noise interference, protection against incorrect power supply polarity and battery cable strain relief are all standard equipment."
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Zaim Audio Bass Pre + Dirt


Zaim Audio Obscene Fuzz


Zaim Audio Tubelicious OD