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Fine Crafted Electric Instruments using top shelf components and hand rubbed finishes. 
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2014-15 Eastman AR503CE-BD Archtop


2020 Eastman SB55/V-SB


Eastman AR503CE-SB Archtop


Eastman SB56/N-GD P-90 Goldtop


Eastman SB59

$1,529.00 $1,915.00

Eastman SB59/V-GB Relic Finish


Eastman T184MX Cherry


Eastman T486-CA Thinline Deluxe


Eastman T486-SB Thinline Deluxe


Eastman T49D/V Archtop


Eastman T59/V-RD red thinline


Eastman T64/V-GB ES-330 Style, Hollow, P-90s, Bigsby

$1,705.00 $2,129.00

Eastman T64/V-T ES-330 Style, Hollow, P-90s