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G.Marsh Guitars

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G.Marsh guitars stand above the rest in more ways than one. We believe in mixing modern technology with old school techniques. When we say our guitars are hand crafted, they really are hand crafted. Our necks are carved using only a file, rasp and careful hands. The contours are much the same: using files, scrapers and refined to a players touch. Every cut is carefully planned, every curve is carefully smoothed and every inch is considered. These guitars are built by a human, not a computerized machine. And because of this they play and feel organic.

Each G.Marsh guitar is truly unique and built from the ground up using high quality wood, hardware and electronics. If making music is your art form, than building beautiful high performance electric guitars is ours.

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G.Marsh BCT Telecaster


G.Marsh BCT Telecaster -Butterscotch


G.Marsh BCT Telecaster -citrus burst


G.Marsh DBT Telecaster


G.Marsh P-90 "Ruth"