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Kamoa E5-T Tenor Ukulele


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Kamoa E5-T Tenor Ukulele

E5 Series - 100% Solid Wood Cedar Sound Board/ Mahogany Neck Back Sides

Kamoa® E5 Series


TOP: 100% Solid Wood Select Cedar Sound Boards

BACK: 100% Solid Wood Mahogany Neck Back Side

Comes with case and strap.

We highly recommend purchasing an Oasis Ukulele Humidifier.

"The E5 Series has the Warmest "Woody" Tone and “Biggest Bottom End Projection” (Bass Response) in The Kamoa Family of Instruments.  The Softer Cedar Top Articulates Trebles well, Although Noticeably Less Bright Tambre then E3, L5 all new M5 Mahogany and 500 Series Spruce Top Kamoa Models. Ideal for Heavy Handed  Pickers, Beginners, Strummers, Folk-Style Singer-
Songwriters and Those Who Like the Tonal Warmth of an authentic “Spanish Guitar." 

The Kamoa® E5 tenor is an elegant small-batch, handmade instrument giving you a players experience unmatched by other ukulele brands.  Kamoa® ukuleles are always made with 100% solid wood (we do not use any laminates).

You will feel what we mean by "outperform" when you increase your dynamic attack on our premium solid Cedar top.  The famously warm and woody tone of Cedar combined with the innovative Kamoa® design yields a big full projection which makes many other mass-produced ukulele brands sound like little plastic toys in comparison.

The scantling Kamoa® design combined with the genuine solid wood Mahogany back sides and neck Gives this E5 Kamoa® ukulele a feather weight elegance with a big Spanish guitar punch!  You will be amazed at the sound and so will the listeners.