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1959-1960 Isana "Black Rose" Archtop-Floating Pickup

1959-1960 Isana "Black Rose" Archtop-Floating Pickup

Beautiful old archtop guitar, made by Isana (Josef Sandner) in West Germany. Josef Sandner was one of the expelled luthiers originally from Schönbach (today in the Czech Republic) who settled in West Germany after 1945 and set up shop there.  Isana guitars are very rare. They are usually made from massive woods and of fine quality - Sandner did not make any cheapos. At his time in the army in Germany, even Elvis played an Isana.  Alosa, Klira, Framus, Hopf, Hoyer and many other German jazz guitars from that era had similar headstocks and features.  Several such as Alosa, Klira and Isana featured perloid headstocks, pickguards and inlay no doubt influenced by the accordion industry at the time.

This piece is in excellent condition. The guitar has no markings or dates so the year is based on what I could find on the internet.  It has a floating Johnny Smith style pickup with tone and volume controls under the pickguard.  This was an aftermarket addition but makes the guitar sing electrically.  The neck does have a truss rod which works correctly.  There are a few dings on the back of the headstock.  Otherwise, very clean.  Great tone for a laminate guitar.

- Body and top: Laminate maple,
- Neck: Mahogany
- Fretboard: Rosewood nut 1 7/8"
- Inlays and headstock veneer: Pearloid
- Pickup: Johnny Smith style humbucker with volume and tone
- Pickguard: Pearloid
- Tailpiece: Framus style
- Scale: 25"
- Body Length: 20.5"
- Body width Lower bout: 15.75"
- Body Thicknes: 3.0"
- Bridge: Ebony
- Case: Hard shell
- Weight: 5 lb 1 oz

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