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1975 CONN F-11 Acoustic Made in Japan

Manufacturer #:F-11

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1975 CONN F-11 Acoustic Made in Japan
1975 CONN F-11 Acoustic Made in Japan

A nice old CONN made in the Yamaha factory.  In very good condition with a hard shell case.

The foil or aluminum labels on the 1971-1977 Conn guitars divulge both where they were made, revealing "Oak Brook, Illinois, Made in Japan", or "Made in Korea" (very few in Korea), and what year they were made. The 'Oakbrook/Japan' label indicates that the procurement and distribution centers were based in Oakbrook, but that the guitar was made in Japan or Korea. Guitars made in Japan during the 1970's were generally very well made due to the Japanese industry's ever-growing emphasis on defect prevention, consistency in quality and continuous improvement during that time period.

As mentioned, 1971 through part of 1974, Conn guitars carried the year of manufacture as the first and second digits, and the month of manufacture as the third and fourth digits. A couple of examples are shown here, that show the adherence to Mr. Ackley's color scheme, based on their model numbers.  This CONN has a foil lable with a Serial number 4175XXX indicating manufacture in the 41st week of 1975.

- Top: Solid spuce
- Back and sides: Mahogany
- Neck: Mahogany
- Fretboard: Rosewood, 1 11/16" nut
- Bridge:  Rosewood
- Tuners: Japan
- Case: Hardshell case

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