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1987 Fender Eminence Speaker 12"


2017 Gibson Dirty Finger Pickups 860-3097-L


2018 Sophia Mari Model SM2648 Piano Accordion


2019 Epiphone Pro Bucker (neck)-gold


DiMarzio Velorun DP264F neck pickup


EMG Select Humbucker Set


Fender Case Strat or Tele, Early 70's


Fender Jensen C12Q 1955 Original Cone


Kent Armstrong HPAN75N-Humbucker-Bridge


Leo Quan Badass Bridge for Guitar '70s


Microphone Holders


Pick-Up The World Line Driver Pre-Amp


ProLine PC Tablet Stand Mount


Rockhouse Pedal rack case 20" X 11"


Rolling Stone Magazine


Seymour Duncan Unlabled Alnico V


Shure 515SB Dynamic Microphone


Strat guard with pickups


Strat Pickup Set, cloth wire


Strat Pickup Set, string wind over coils


Strat style pickup set with brass saddles


Telecaster Knob Misc.


Tom Holmes H455/H450