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1957 Strat-Player Piece-Sunburst

Manufacturer #:Strat

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1957 Strat-Player Piece-Sunburst
1957 Strat-Player Piece-Sunburst

A players 1957 Strat.  Refinish body, refret, 1966 Pickups, changed pots and 5 way switch.  Not perfect but a cool guitar wiith a deep V profile original neck. 

The body has a route for an old Schecter guard that was on it at one time.  The ash body has been thinned on the back and has a "V" gouge at the bottom.  Not sure of the history on this.  Plastic and trem assembly are original.  Claw is repalced but the original is in the case.  The original 3 way and back cover are also in the case.  The back cover was cut in 1/2 as the springs protrude on the trem assembly.  Again, a mystery.  The pickups are 1966 grey bottoms.  They sound great in this guitar.  The neck has been newly refretted to replace a poor 70's jumbo fret job.  The original tuners have also been installed.  The guitar came with '80s Fender tuners.  Not perfect but also not $ 40,000.  Comes is a black Fender custom shop case.

- Body: Ash
- Neck: Maple, nice deep V contour, refretted
- Tuners: Original single line Kluson
- Plastic: Original.  Guard has a chip at the bottom edge.  Switch tip is likely replaced.
- Trem: Original trem with newer springs and claw
- Pots: Replaced but the tone appears to be a '60s.
- Pickups: 1966 grey bottom, dated bridge is hot 6.4K
- Wiring: all cloth
- Jack: original
- Case: Fender custom shop black with red interior
- Weight: 7 lb 3 oz

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