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1959 Tosca by Valco "Thunderstick"-Copper finish

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1959 Tosca by Valco "Thunderstick"-Copper finish
1959 Tosca by Valco "Thunderstick"-Copper finish

The Tosca Thunderstick is a 3/4 size solid body electric guitar made in the USA in the late fifties or very early sixties and known as the ''Thunderstick'' because of the power of its single pickup. Designed like a lap steel with a single neck pickup and a selector switch for dark and darker tone. These guitars are very similar to the Supros and Valcos of the same period and are great for blues. Its a great guitar to play, with volume and tone controls, a rhythm/solo switch, twenty fret fingerboard, a twenty-two inch scale and a great looking copper/bronze coloured body. It has been well played but is in a good condition and plays well. This is an early '59 piece and the serial number T14820 is under the pickup.  Pots date 304852 and 304915.  Tuners have been removed and the original brass colored single line Klusons are back on the guitar.  There are extra holes under the tuner strip.  One of the pickup mounting screws is replaced.  Original was stripped.  Tosca metal label is missing but outline visible.  Comes with the original chip board case in good shape.


- Fretboard: Rosewood, may be Brazilian
- Neck: chunky "C" neck that plays well
- Pickup: Single coil National early patent number
- Tuners: Kluson single line
- Scale: 22"
- Finish: Copper metal 
- Weight: 5 lb 3 oz
- Case: Original chip board in good shape

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