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1962 Fender Jazzmaster-Restored Finish- Tuxedo Case

Manufacturer #:Jazzmaster

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1962 Fender Jazzmaster-Restored Finish- Tuxedo Case
1962 Fender Jazzmaster-Restored Finish- Tuxedo Case

An very unusual piece that was refinished in the 70s in a blue/white/black nitro finish.  There were real pot leaves imbedded in the finish on the back.  Matt McGibney of McGibney Guitars carefully removed the blue/white refinish to uncover an original Olympic White finish over a stock Sunburst finish.  There are bits of history showing including the pot leave imprints and the red sunburst on the front.  There is also original checking in the Olympic white finish.  The Fender Custom Shop does lots of relic finishes over sunburst but that was a very rare event in the old days.  This is an extremely rare, stock Olympic White over Sunburst Jazzmaster.

The neck is a slab board vintage jazzmaster neck with olympic white headstock finsih.  The neck date is gone but it is original to this guitar and adds to the unusual vibe.  All of the other parts are original with '61 pots and a body date of 2/62.  The frets have some wear but are very playable.  Nicely shaped "C" neck.  There is overspray on the back of the neck but not the headstock front.  The case is a white Tuxedo case that generally was introduced in 1963.  The case is in good shape with working latches.  The original trem arm is in the case.  A great playing and sounding jazzmaster, and definitely one of a kind.

- Body: Alder
- Neck: Maple with slab board Brazilian Rosewood finger board.
- Markers: Clay dots
- Pots: 1961
- Body Date: 2/62
- Pickups: Black bobbin with white/black cloth wire
- Pickguard: tortoise guard with aluminum shield
- Tremolo: Original with original arm
- Bridge: Thread saddle bridge
- Neck Plate Serial Number: 71XXX
- Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz
- Case: Original Fender 1963 White Case

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