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1964/65 Fender Jaguar-Lake Placid Blue

Manufacturer #:Jaguar

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1964/65 Fender Jaguar-Lake Placid Blue
1964/65 Fender Jaguar-Lake Placid Blue

A nice one owner Fender Jaguar in Lake Placid Blue.  The neck dates JAN 65 but the parts are all 1964.  In very good shape with some finish checking and a couple of dings through the finish on the lower side edge.  The top finish is Lake Placid Blue but there is a darker blue finish underneath.  You can see the darker finish, professionally masked, around the pockets.  Based on the ownership we believe the respray was done by Fender prior to shipping the guitar.  There is not factory stamp indicating a refinish.  The back of the neck has finish wear from the original owner.  Frets have wear and some indentations.  No buzzing.  Comes with the original 1964 no-logo Fender case, bridge cover and trem bar.  Very resonant piece with lots of Jaguar jangle.


- Body: Alder
- Neck: Maple, Neck date JAN64B
- Fretboard: Brazilian rosewood with clay dots
- Pickups: Black bobbin '64
- POTs: 604-6450
- Tuners: Single line Kluson
- Finish: Lake Placid Blue
- Guard: 3-ply white
- Neck Plate: L55XXX

- Case: 1964 No-Logo Fender
- Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz

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