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1965 Magnatone Tornado X-15

Manufacturer #:Tornado X-15

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1965 Magnatone Tornado X-15
1965 Magnatone Tornado X-15 

A very cool Magnatone from the '60's.  Black sparkle/metallic finish.  Very good conditon.  There are a few paint chips on the bottom body edge and around the headstock edge. Includes trem bar.  Tone knob label is replaced.  Gig bag.  

The Tornado is part of the Magnaton Streamline series introduced in 1965.  The guitar features 2 signle coil pickups.  The switching allows for 8 different settings. Although the control layout appears straightforward it is oddly complicated. The two volumes are not for individual pickups, but each controls a separate circuit selected by the upper bout switch. The lower switches are not simple on/off selectors, but include tone-modifying resistors and combine the pickups in sometimes unxepected ways! The range of sounds is impressive, from some very funky combinations to a remarkably deep resonant purr for such a "surfy" instrument. The trem system is a floating trem similar in design to the Fender Jazzmaster.

- Body: Alaskan Poplar
- Neck: Maple
- Fretboard: Rosewood
- Scale: 25"
- Pickups: Magnatone design single coil
- Neck has microtilt system
- Floating bridge with a V lock mechanism.
- Tuners: Kluson double line
- Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz.

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