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1971 MICA Wau-Wau Machine


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1971 MICA Wau-Wau Machine

1971 MICA Wau-Wau Machine pedal

Here is an interesting blast from the past: a 1970's era Mica Wau-Wau pedal. This is re-brand of the Ibanez Standard series, which included the Standard Fuzz, Standard Wau-Wau, and a Fuzz-Wah pedal. The exact same pedals were re-branded under the Mica and Bruno labels. The Wau-Wau is a transformer based wah pedal, with big ol' greenie caps and a classic tone. 

I have restored this one as the switch was shot. New Carling switch. Cleaned up and tuned up. Surprising amount of range in the sweep, very mellow 70's tone. Shiny chrome pedal still looks and sounds great.

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