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1979 Gretsch Model 7685 Atkins Axe-Ebony Finish-Modified

Manufacturer #:7685

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1979 Gretsch Model 7685 Atkins Axe-Ebony Finish-Modified
1979 Gretsch Model 7685 Atkins Axe-Ebony Finish-Modified

An unusual Gretsch Chet Atkins offset solid body guitar known as the Atkins Axe.  This guitar was heavily modified with a Supertron neck pickup with Filtertron Cover and a Filtertron bridge pickup,  Grover Imperial tuners gold knobs and a gold Bigsby tailpiece.  Special "Tabletop" inlays.  The neck pickup has been scalloped to eliminate issues with the B -string.  The body has been routed in the back and a 1960s Country Gentleman cover added.  We believe the hand done routing was to reduce the weight.  It does not impact the playabilty of the guitar.  Also the infamous Chet Atkins pad has been added to the back and covers the back covers.  Overall in very good condition.  Comes with the original Gretsch hardshell case.  The original Atkins Axe was pretty plain with standard Gibson Style Humbucking pickups, nickel parts and a Bad Ass bridge. 


- Body: maple
- Neck: mahogany
- Fretboard: Rosewood
- Pickups: Supertron in neck and Filtertron in bridge
- Tailpiece: Bigsby
- Hardware: Gold plated
- Tuners: Grover Imperial
- Inlays: Tabletop design
- Frets: In good shape with Zero Fret
- POTs: 1978 date ocde
- Label in Back Cover: 2-9 Feb 1979
- Weight: 9 lbs
- Case: Gretsch original hardshell

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