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1990 PRS CE24 Ted Nugent Whack Master

Manufacturer #:Whack Master

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1991 PRS Custom 24 Vintage Sunburst

1990 PRS CE24 Ted Nugent Whack Master

A custom CE-24 edition Paul did for Ted Nugent. It appeared in the "Ted Nugent Bowhunter's World" catalog and was a signature model PRS. The guitar was called a  "Whack Master" complete with a zebra camouflage paint job. The guitar was priced around $ 2,000 at the time.  Basically a CE-24 with rosewood board and custom paint job. I believe Ted carried this line from 1990-1994.  

The is a 1990 that has player wear and some dings along the sides and headstock.  The lacquer on the back of the neck has been sanded down.  Neck shape is wide-thin.  The guitar is signed by Ted and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity letter from Ted to the buyer.  Original PRS case with leather pull.  Guitar plays great and has a Ted vibe.


  • Fret Board:  Brazilian Rosewood 
  • Inlays: moons
  • Neck shape: Maple Neck, wide thin carve
  • Body: Carved maple top, Alder back
  • Neck Heal: small old style
  • Trem: one-piece Milcom trem
  • Tuners: PRS locking
  • Pickups: HFS, Standard Bass
  • PRS 5-Way pickup selector, tone and volume controls
  • Weight: 7 lbs  7 oz.
  • Case: Original PRS hard shell case 
  • Case Candy: trem arm, COA
  • Overall condition: Very good 

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