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1998 Budda Twinmaster Amp 1 X 12", 18W

Manufacturer #:Twinmaster

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1998 Budda Twinmaster Amp 1 X 12", 18W
1998 Budda Twinmaster Amp 1 X 12", 18W

A clean, early Budda Twinmaster amp.  Hand wired with dual EL34 power tubes and a 5EU4 tube rectifier.  18W with a Celestion G-20 12" speaker.  Its two inputs, normal and hi gain, offer a multitude of gain characteristics covering the gamut of tone from super clean rhythm chords to modern power crunch. The electronics are hand wired with high-grade audio components. The solid pine finger jointed cabinet is finished in beautiful black Budda covering.  Treble, bass and volume controls, the ultimate in simlicity.  Comes with a handmade leather cover.

The Twinmaster debuted at the 1996 NAMM show.  A product of Jeff Bober and Steve Sier who founded the company in 1995.  I worked with Jeff in the early 80's at Westinghouse Defense.  Budda was one of the early boutique amp companies and made an excellent product.  Budda is now owned and manufacture by Peavey.  

- Power: 18 watts
- Tubes: 2 X EL-84 and 5EU4 rectifier
- Speaker: Celestion G-20 12"
- Dimentions: 23" X 21" X 10.5"
- High and low gain channels

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