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2015 Fender Tele MIM-LEFTY-Sunburst with upgrades

Manufacturer #:Tele MIM

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2015 Fender Tele MIM-Butterscotch with upgrades
2015 Fender Tele MIM-LEFTY-Sunburst with upgrades 

Clean, MIM tele.  Left handed!  Sunburst with upgrades.  Custom vintage wound alnico II single coils that sound like a real tele should. The tone pot is a 250k pull pot that runs the pickups in series like a humbucker in position 1-2. In position 3 it works as a kill switch. When the pot is down, it’s standard tele switching. The volume is a fender CTS 250k. The 3 way switch is a fender USA. It has a solid string thru alder body with sunburst finish and a 3 ply white guard. It’s set up with 10-52 strings. A padded gig bag will be included.  Very light play wear, in excellent condition


- Sunburst finish over Alder body
- Maple neck
- Nice "C" neck
- Alnico II vintage wound pickups
- Custom wiring, see description above
- Weight  8 lb 3 oz
- Fender gig bag.

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