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2021 Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 Hollow Body-Satin Black

Manufacturer #:PA-1

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2021 Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 Hollow Body-Satin Black
2021 Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 Hollow Body-Satin Black

A wonderful Pete Anderson signature model with dual P-90s.  A hollow body guitar with a center block to subdue feedback.  Lightly used, in basically mint condition with the original case and all paperwork and case candy.

Korean-made PA-1 RT has an all-laminate body with a spruce top and maple back and sides. The neck is three-piece korina with a dual-action truss rod and a rosewood fingerboard. The design looks traditional, but incorporates Reverend’s Uni-Brace, an L-shaped, half-inch-wide piece of wood as deep as the guitar, extending from the neck block to a block under the bridge. This permits use of a Tune-o-matic-style bridge instead of the less stable bridges found on most hollowbodies. That’s a plus for players like Anderson, who use string bending extensively. The Uni-Brace also reduces feedback and enhances sustain.

The PA-1 RT comes standard with a Bigsby B70 vibrato. As pitch-picky players will tell you, a Bigsby can cause tuning problems. But thanks to a graphite nut, low-friction roller saddles, and Reverend’s pin-lock tuners (which use thumbwheels to push steel pins through the tuner posts, locking the strings in place) the guitar’s tuning is relatively stable.

The PA-1 RT features a pair of Reverend’s P-90 pickups. The pickups are controlled via a three-way switch, master volume and tone knobs, and a bass contour control, which passively rolls off low frequencies. 

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