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Supro Ozark Model 1261 AW

Manufacturer #:1261 AW

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Supro Ozark Model 1261 AW
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Supro Ozark Model 1261 AW

The new Supro Ozark is a modernized version of the late-50’s Supro guitar played by Jimi Hendrix and Joe Perry. Historically accurate body dimensions and 25” scale length—as well as the signature pinstripe line art from the original instrument— have all been meticulously recreated in this limited-edition Ozark for 2019.

Given the opportunity to re-imagine the Supro Ozark, we have taken a number of steps to improve the playability and intonation of the original design while still capturing the sound of this classic American guitar. In the new version, a string-through-body hardtail bridge is mounted directly to the steel control plate, allowing individual intonation of each string while delivering the robust sustain of the original instrument. The new model features a black satin-finished maple neck that is glued into a mahogany body at the 14th fret, preserving the geometry of this iconic guitar while vastly improving its playability and tuning stability.

A custom-made Aluma 90 pickup developed for Supro by Lace Music captures the tonal splendor of the original Valco lap steel pickup, while eliminating the physical limitations of the vintage string-through design. The new Ozark delivers unmistakable Supro tone in an instrument that can be set up and intonated like a modern guitar, yet still sounds and feels like a vintage classic.

Supro Ozark guitar for 2019 is hand-numbered #18/200 and comes with a signed COA plus a Supro Deluxe Gig Bag.

1261AW Specifications

•Mahogany Body
•Set Neck with Black Satin Finish
•Lace Alumitone Pickup
•Pau Ferro Fretboard
•24.75″ Scale Length
•Dot Inlays